It is with great pride and sadness that we announce the retirement of Sandy Walton and Brenda Badger. Both team members retired from GW Plastics after a combined 97 years of service, and were based in our corporate headquarters in Bethel, VT.

Brenda joined the GW Plastics team in 1965 as an Operator. After 52 years of service, she is retiring as an Advanced Quality Engineer. Sandy joined the GW Plastics team in 1972 as a General Clerk. After an equally remarkable 45 years of service, she is retiring as the Purchasing/Inventory Control Manager.

“Both Brenda and Sandy represented the best that GW Plastics has to offer,” said Brenan Riehl, President and CEO. “They define the unique nature of our company culture – one that is dominated by dedicated and talented long-service employees who give us and our customers their very best every day.”

We celebrated their fruitful careers both on-site as well as a beautiful evening at nearby Tessie’s Tavern in Bethel last week.

Both local to Vermont, they are looking forward to spending more time with their families and enjoying the scenic outdoors. Please join us in wishing Brenda and Sandy well in their retirements!

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