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In response to the growing medical device market, GW Plastics has increased our company-wide multi-shot molding capabilities. The company has purchased several new automated multi-shot machines to be installed this summer to support newly-awarded business from Fortune 500® healthcare OEMs.

GW Plastics currently operates a significant number of multi-shot presses and assembly cells across our global operations, but these new machines bring higher levels of automation. These will be the first machines to have the assembly cell integrated directly into the press, allowing parts to be picked and placed by robots right into assembly and secondary operations.

GW Plastics has been a leader in the multi-shot and multi-material molding market for years, and particularly with the advent of our Silicones division in 2008, the company has been working to increase our multi-shot molding capabilities using a variety of materials.

Why Multi-Shot Molding?

There are many benefits to multi-shot molding. Multi-shot molding has allowed GW Plastics to offer leading healthcare companies improved ergonomics and performance for their medical devices. Multi-shot molding also offers the benefit of cost effective, lean manufacturing practices due to the elimination of an entire molding machine in the molding process and the reduction or oftentimes elimination of post-molding assembly. By consolidating tooling, molding processes, materials, and assemblies into one machine, production costs are lowered, fewer operators are required, more parts per cycle are produced, and energy is saved. This cost-savings for the OEM can be significant and the overall manufacturing process is completed in a more sustainable way.

Two Shot Plastic Parts

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