GW Plastics Environmental Policy

GW Plastics, Inc. is a worldwide manufacturer of close tolerance plastic injection molded components and assemblies. We are dedicated to carrying out this responsibility in a manner that demonstrates true leadership in environmental management while continuing to provide the highest level of service to our customers. We will demonstrate our commitment to this policy through:

  • Energy Management Improvement and Environmental Risk Reduction – We will identify, minimize and prevent pollution and reduce identified hazards and risks in areas attributed to our operations, wherever feasible,
  • Continual Improvement – We will continue to seek out ways to improve our environmental performance throughout the organization, and
  • Regulatory Compliance – We will meet or exceed applicable and relevant regulatory requirements and other industry standards/guidelines to which we subscribe.GW Plastics is a member of the Green Suppliers Network, a federally funded program to facilitate the establishment and implementation of “Lean and Clean” manufacturing techniques for manufacturers.

Working in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) established the Green Suppliers Network to help small and medium-sized manufacturers stay competitive and profitable while reducing their impact on the environment. The Green Supplier’s Network has helped 100 suppliers identify more than $53 million in “Lean and Clean” opportunities.

GW Plastics has implemented and maintains a documented Environmental Management System (EMS) that establishes a mechanism to provide the framework for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets. We will review these objectives and targets on an annual basis to ensure the continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of GW Plastics’ EMS.

This policy will be conveyed to all GW Plastics’ employees and onsite contractors and made available to the public or other interested parties upon request.

Energy Reduction

  • A capital equipment policy to purchase energy-saving electric molding machines where feasible. GW Plastics is actively upgrading its machine mix to all electric and hybrid electric machines (all electric injection unit/hydraulic clamp) where possible.
  • An aggressive capital plan to upgrade high-energy-use equipment, such as compressors, automation and material drying systems, to equipment requiring less energy.
  • The conversion of office and plant lighting to environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient T8 and/or T5 fluorescent systems.
  • Installing motion-activated on/off electric switches (i.e., occupancy sensors) in offices and conference rooms, and mandating production facility room temperature be set to a minimum of 78 degrees on A/C thermostats.
  • GW Plastics has partnered with Efficiency Vermont, a state-funded program to reduce energy costs, strengthen the economy, and protect the State’s environment. As a result of this collaboration, GW has maintained power factor correction capacitors to avoid the strain of usage spikes on the main power grid.

Water Use Reduction

  • Installing close-loop water systems in all plants to conserve water usage.

Waste Reduction

  • Implementing paper, pallet and corrugated recycling programs in all GW plants.
  • Using regrind, where allowable, back into the molding process, while selling all unusable regrind to third-party recyclers to be recycled for use in the reprocessing marketplace.
  • Making extensive use of runner-less mold technology to minimize resin use.

GHG Emissions Reduction – VT Plants

GW Plastics and our Vermont energy supplier, Green Mountain Power, are committed to the environment, currently manufacturing with 60% renewable, emission free power. Our scope 2 emission savings account for more 50% of product nationwide, or about 3,000 MeT CO2 not being released into the environment. Our goal is to manufacture with 100% renewable, emission free power by 2030, translating to more than 5,000 MeT CO2 savings.

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Green Suppliers

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