Delivering Excellence Since 1955

GW Plastics was built on a foundation of innovation, respect, dedication, and corporate social responsibility. For over 60 years, we have been pioneering not just quality products, but more importantly, lasting relationships and sustainable global footprints. Our stability of ownership and leadership, strong commitment to quality, technically advanced and standardized manufacturing platform, and experienced and engaged workforce are just a number of the key attributes that make GW Plastics a market leader.

“Customers are the only reason for our existence and must be treated as such.”

GW Plastics is exceptionally customer-focused. To all of our team members, fostering strong and lasting customer relationships is of the greatest importance. Our senior management prioritizes spending time in-person with our customers and encourages quarterly customer business reviews to ensure customer satisfaction and strategic business alignment. This unflagging commitment to customer service and satisfaction continues to pay off, and GW Plastics is recognized as a preferred supplier by many of our customers.

We believe that a successful, long-term customer relationship starts with establishing the right fit. To that end, we work hard to seek and nurture customers who share our values by employing a disciplined customer and RFQ screening process that prioritizes strategic fit over immediate sales growth. Partnering with such strategic customers permits us to focus resources on the customers and applications that are best aligned with our capabilities and core competencies. GW Plastics’ careful, upfront customer selection process results in lasting relationships based on a history of trust as evidenced by customer loyalty and longevity – over 10 years on average.

“Integrity is a must in all of our dealings.”

GW Plastics takes our commitment to community growth, environmental sustainability, and ethical business practices very seriously. Our environmental sensitivity starts at our headquarters in Vermont, the Green Mountain State. Because this state is blessed with abundant natural beauty and much of its annual sustaining revenue is generated from tourism, Vermonters have long-embraced the importance of preserving the state’s natural beauty.  As a consequence of this cultural norm, Vermonters expect their employers to embrace the same values – values that GW Plastics shares and acts upon.

GW Plastics is a member of E3’s Green Suppliers Network, a federally-funded program to facilitate the establishment and implementation of “Lean and Clean” manufacturing techniques for manufacturers. We have also partnered with Efficiency Vermont, a state-funded program to reduce energy costs, strengthen the economy, and protect Vermont’s environment.  As a result of our collaboration with Efficiency Vermont, GW Plastics has maintained power factor correction capacitors to avoid the strain of usage spikes on the main power grid, and has made energy saving improvements in such areas as HVAC, lighting, motors, and other efficiency improvement opportunities.

GW Plastics also continues to help sustain the communities that support our facilities. As part of our company’s community outreach program, we have for decades awarded annual scholarships to local high school students to further their education in technical areas. In 2015, GW introduced an innovative new scholarship program in collaboration with Vermont Technical College (VTC) to help encourage local students to attain a technical degree, stay in Vermont, and work at GW Plastics. In 2015, we also founded the GW School of Tech, a high school accredited program where students spend part of their school week at GW Plastics to learn more about manufacturing.

GW Plastics also supports a host of local and national organizations in a wide array of endeavors important to our employees. While financial support is critical to these organizations, there’s nothing like the personal touch. GW Plastics strongly supports our employees’ volunteer efforts as community leaders, coaches, scout leaders, etc. and makes every effort to accommodate their time commitment.

“Quality of product and services is the number one priority. We must strive for excellence in everything we do.”

While every company talks about quality, our quality focus is so intense that it challenges every employee – in every department – from office workers, to engineers, to machine operators. Quality is truly the foundation of GW Plastics’ business. As evidence of our commitment, GW Plastics has been proud to receive many customer quality awards, and regularly receives the highest marks from customer auditors who frequently note the strength of our quality system relative to industry peers.

GW Plastics is ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and ISO/TS 16949 certified by UL DQS, Inc. and has been FDA-registered since 1979. Building on these industry-wide standards, GW Plastics takes a proactive approach to quality in the following five key areas of manufacturing:

  • Process Control
  • Global Standardization
  • Investment in Technology
  • Workforce Training and Development
  • Disciplined Problem Solving

“People are our most important asset. We must treat each other with respect and trust.”

GW Plastics goes to great lengths to cultivate strong employee relationships. Senior management adopts a servant-leadership/team-based approach, strongly believing in the power of collaboration and teamwork. For example, Brenan “Ben” Riehl, President and CEO, conducts “Breakfast with Ben” meetings to which he invites employees from all levels of the company to talk about what is going well and what isn’t working – actively encouraging employees to share their opinions and/or concerns. These popular meetings give employees who might not otherwise have opportunities for frequent interaction with Ben a direct line to the executive team.

We also take pride in honoring long-tenured employees. With generous service awards starting at year five, service award recipients are honored at semi-annual luncheons, given additional paid time off, receive generous gift certificates, and are published in the local news. In 2016 alone, we awarded three team members with 50 year service awards. There’s little question that our company’s well-earned reputation for having the experience to deliver for its customers is founded on the experience and longevity of our workforce.

“Profits and enhanced shareholder value are absolutely essential to the success of the company.”

GW Plastics has a long and consistent history of sound financial management and performance. Our success is built upon continuity of ownership; a professional management team focused on a consistent strategy of steady growth; capital investment and leading-edge technology; an unyielding commitment to quality; an experienced workforce; and a diversified customer portfolio of global market-leaders. GW Plastics has always delivered positive net income. Our financial foundation strong and steady, GW Plastics has the resources, ownership will, and management talent to support our customers, and continue our history of success well into the future.

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