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GW Plastics is one of the few injection molders to offer the significant benefits of in-house mold design-and-build on a global scale. With state-of-the-art mold building capabilities in our North American, Asian, and European operations, maximum efficiency and quality is achieved by using standardized design practices, highly automated work cells, and global cross-training.

Precision tooling requires not only advanced technological capabilities but also a zero-defect culture and the highest levels of design integrity. GW Plastics’ internal tooling capabilities ensure that customer applications will perform as designed not only at production launch, but consistently throughout the life of the program.

All of GW Plastics’ industry-leading molds are built using
  • Robust SPE/SPI and GW Plastics’ design standards
  • U.S., Europe, and China manufacturing locations
  • Dedicated tooling validation centers

Liquid Silicone Rubber Tooling

GW Plastics also offers design and build of Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) molds at our affiliate, GW Silicones. We understand the complexities of silicone tooling and have developed a robust standard to ensure that very fine details and tight tolerances are maintained for years of trouble-free production. We are often able to use interchangeable, high quality cavity inserts in a common mold base to provide cost-effective tooling solutions.   More>

GW/PT™ Capabilities

  • Zero-defect tooling DfX approach
  • Advanced material flow and shrinkage analysis
  • Quick turn-around prototype support
  • Prototype-through-production
  • Single cavity bridge tooling for pre-production launch
  • High cavitation precision tooling for volume production, now up to 192 cavities
  • Conventional, multi-shot, rotary/shuttle insert, gearing, and ultra-small part capability
  • Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) tooling
  • Conventional and advanced, valve-gated hot runner systems
  • Cavity pressure transducer technology
  • Polishing and texturing
  • In-house tooling validation in our RJG-certified Process Development and Training Center
  • Mold repair and modification

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