Mold Your Own Career Path

GW Plastics recognizes that a traditional route of high school, then college, then employment does not apply to everyone, and following a different path should not limit success. To address our national skilled labor shortage and support those pursuing an alternate career path, we are proud to offer 18 month technical training apprenticeships in molding and automation, and more lengthy apprenticeship programs in our Tool Division.

Our apprentice program is an open door to a world-class company and a world of opportunity. It’s our way of building the talent of tomorrow today, with training and expertise handed down one-on-one from successful, experienced professionals. Our apprenticeship program is open to both existing employees as well as new team members. Employees interested in developing their skills in a more technical capacity, and outside applicants with the same desire, are encouraged to apply each year. Upon graduation, you’ll be offered a position as one of our Process Technicians or assume a role in an area where you’ve shown an interest and ability to shine.

Program Breakdown

The First Six Months

Apprentices get an introduction to every phase of the GW Plastics manufacturing cycle.
Apprentices 1

The Next Twelve Months

You’ll spend a year focusing in on more specific key areas. At the same time, you’ll receive formal technical training from our well-known machine, equipment, and robot suppliers.
Apprentices 2

If you’re looking to build a career in manufacturing, our Molder and Automation Apprenticeship Program is the perfect start. For 18 months, you’ll learn hands-on from the experts, gaining valuable skills and knowledge that can pay off for the rest of your life. And the best part, you’ll receive a very competitive wage at the same time!

To learn more about our apprenticeship program or to apply, please contact Cathy Tempesta at