Mold a Better Career Path

Designed for current GW employees working full-time, the Manufacturing Technology Leadership Program is open to motivated team members who are interested in furthering their technical and leadership skills by spending four years studying at Vermont Technical College in nearby Randolph Center, VT.

GW Plastics began this program in 2012 in partnership with Vermont Tech in response to the local and national skilled workforce shortage. The objective is to offer this program to a select group of talented associates to support their career path aspirations and the technical needs of GW Plastics.

While working full-time at GW, participants enroll in two classes per year at Vermont Tech focused on a manufacturing technology and engineering course curriculum, culminating in a final project during their last semester. The projects are picked based on improvements needed in their areas of responsibility, and are mentored by a GW manager. During the final presentations, each graduate will highlight the workplace problem they investigated, outlined the data they collected to analyze the problem and what solution they tested or have proposed, along with the financial impact of their solution.

Graduates of the Manufacturing Technology Leadership program earn college credits that can be applied toward an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science in Engineering Technology at Vermont Tech. In addition to receiving college credit courses fully funded by GW, every graduate is awarded a bonus after each class and a 10% increase in their base compensation upon program graduation to recognize their commitment to improve their workplace skills.

If you’re looking to boost your career in manufacturing, our Manufacturing Technical Leadership Program is the perfect start. For four years, you’ll learn hands-on from the experts, gaining valuable skills and knowledge that can pay off for the rest of your life. And the best part, you can complete it while still being employed full-time!

To learn more about our program or to apply, please contact Cathy Tempesta at