At GW Plastics, we live and breathe health and safety. Whether it’s helping to improve patient lives, save passenger lives, or provide clean water around the world, GW Plastics is here to provide solutions to your most complex manufacturing challenges.


Infant getting breathing treatment from mother while suffering from illness

The healthcare market demands an advanced contract manufacturing partner with industry experience, innovation, and quality systems you can trust.


Father fasten his little son in car seat

The world’s top automotive OEMs and Tier 1 manufacturers require solutions for their safety-critical components and assemblies that work the first time, every time.


Clean Fresh Water Scarcity Symbol: Black Girl Drinking from Tap.

Building sustainable water systems cannot be done without a team who prioritizes quality, speed-to-market, and progressive manufacturing processes.

Video Success Stories 


Balloon Catheter Inflation Device

Breast Biopsy Marker Device

Multi-Material Surgical Suture Pen

Radiopaque Media Syringe

Respiratory Drug Delivery System

Reshored Respiratory Therapy Device



Fuel Flange System

Passenger Safety Restraint System

Precision Automotive Gear Housing

Proprietary Filtration Center Cores